Tuesday, 20 April 2010

NSV's (and SV's!)

NSV's first! AT work today, i got a few comments off different people. Firstly I was told i was looking "rather slim and fabulous", then another said i was looking "fantastic", and then i was told i was "looking skinnier today". Must be the outfit im wearing or something! I was very chuffed to hear these comments though, and the person who said "fantastic" also said she had to do a double take when I walked in the office, and that I was an inspiration to her. Very good to hear!

Also on a Scale Victory front, i've been waiting for ages for the "obesity" level on the Wii fit to drop - its been right up at the top since i started using it, and now its started falling! Something else for me to try to get a pic of when i next remember!

1 comment:

  1. I dont think its anything to do with what you were wearing - more what your NOT wearing (in the weight department) and you look FAB!