Thursday, 29 April 2010

Where To Start!!!??

Well I'll start with weigh in! I lost 2.5lbs this week! YAY! Means I am in the 15s at last! Who'd have thunk it back in October 2008 when I weighed in at 22st 7lbs!!!

It also means I got my 13th silver seven! I still love getting them no matter how many i've got!

Im feeling very confident at the moment. Im eating even better since being back at work as I take lots of fruit to snack on during the day. Im also drinking much more water.

This week i decided to try to count up how many points I was having on a typical day before Weightwatchers! All I can say is, its no wonder i got to 22st +. I was having on average well above 60 points a day :-0

Here is what would have been a typical day:

Breakfast - toasted teacake and 1 slice toast (both with so much butter it dripped down your chin!)
lunch - either a baguette with cajun chicken or a large chicken tikka pastie & large sausage roll, iced finger or cream cake
evening meal - takeaway 3-4 times a week, norm would be a 9 inch mighty meaty pizza, onion rings, some fries (with lashings of ketchup of course), and a couple of slices of the free garlic bread! Dessert would be either a double pack of cream cakes, or a double pack of pecan & maple pastries, depending on whether I had cream cake or iced finger at lunch!
Snacks - afternoon, packet crisps (walkers Max!), can cherry coke, snickers
Evening - large Dairy Milk or large bag peanut M&Ms, 2-3 packs of crisps.

I told my friend Catherine who comes to the meetings with me, and she reckons all that would have been on a particularly bad day, but NO, it would have been most days!
No wonder i managed to gain 4 stone in 12 months! Looking at it now freaks me out a little that I ate that amount - and as for where the money came from to eat all that, who knows! I cant even remember what i would have cooked on the rare occasions that i did so! I was certainly never actually hungry!


  1. Gem, you are doing sooo well. You are an inspiration to all us bigger wwers that it CAN be done. Although I weighed 20st 11lb when I joined WW, I had been heavier. I reached my heaviest weight (in 2009)of 22st 13lb. So seeing you having a similar start weight and being right down in the 15's give me alot of hope.

    Keep posting and doing what you are doing. Well done again and thanks for sharing your journey.

    Sarah x

  2. Thank you Sarah for such a lovely comment. Although im obviously doing this for myself to loose the weight, knowing that i am helping to inspire others is a big thing that keeps me going!