Wednesday, 14 April 2010

No Title Really!

Ive had a new "current pic" taken this morning, to compare to the "starting again" pic. I'll keep updating the "current pic" every month or so!

Im back to work this week, although part time so i have Wednesdays off. I should be doing loads at the moment to catch up in the house but I cant be bothered!! It only gets wrecked again with an hour! Its going good so far, ive found it easy to stick to my points. Ive upped my water intake loads, and ive been using my lunch times to go for a 20-30 minute walk, rather than sitting on my backside browsing the net all lunch time! So fingers crossed for a good weigh in! I went to my mums earlier and she called my "slimbo"!! Said i look as though ive lost more weight this week. Its probably just cos she hasnt seen me for 3 days when she's used to seeing me every day!

Will report in after weigh in tomorrow :)


  1. Oh wow Gemma, what a difference.... you look so different from your before pic and you can really see the difference since the post baby pic... especially on your boobs and legs :O) Good luck for your wi xx

  2. You're losing it everywhere and you can really see the difference! You're doing so brilliantly, and with that kind of motivation, you'll be unstoppable. Bravo!