Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Early Weigh In!

Ok, so last week i didnt have an official weigh in, as i couldn't make the meeting due to doing my bridesmaid bit! I did get weighed on Wednesday though, at Boots and was 15st on the dot! Thus a 1lb loss from the week before.

I cant make official weigh in again this week as my daughter is singing in her school choir at a local music festival, so my mum and i went to a different meeting - meaning weigh in was a whole day and a half earlier than usual! Anyways, my mum lost 1lb, total now 8lbs in 4 weeks, and I weighed in at 14 st 13.5lbs! So half a pound down from last week and 1.5 lbs down from last "official" weigh in nearly 2 weeks ago!

Im very pleased with that result - i had 2 days totally off plan last Thursday and Friday. Thursday night i had a chinese takeaway, and lots of nibbles, not to mention orange juice and champagne. Then Friday, it was bacon butties followed by strawberries and champagne, then a chicken dinner with apple pie and ice cream dessert, and i lost track at the buffet, and with alcohol - i drank white wine and soda all day.

So - woop woop to being in the 14s!! Bring on the 13s!!

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