Thursday, 3 June 2010


Been to weigh in. Its all good, lost 4lbs! I dont know how or where its gone but i'll take it! Although i know it probably means i'll gain or sts next week, but hey ho, thats the name of the game on this journey!

I got my 100lb certificate tonight, so that was good. Also my mum has joined weightwatchers and it was nice to hear her say how proud she is of me! She lost 4lbs last week and 2lbs this week, so is chuffed with herself, although she's not overly impressed that i weigh less than her!! I think that was what finally spurred her on to join, as I have never been lighter than her before.
I went and picked up the dress today, it looks lovely, and i cant wait for next Friday now - only 8 more sleeps!!
Piccie of me with my certificate! Im going to have it as my new current pic too!


  1. Congratulations on your 100lb Gemma, fantastic! Well done on your achievements..

    We do need a week in the life of Gemma though so we can follow your good work..what exercise do you do? what meals and drinks do you have? I need help!!!

  2. Well done hun, that's fantastic. Bet it felt great to hold that certificate. Very proud of you chick. xox

  3. Well done Gemma, what a fantastic achievement!

  4. Gemma - you are looking lovely and slim - well done!!

  5. Well done thats amazing you look so happy and you deserve to be very proud of yourself.