Friday, 30 July 2010

Weigh In News

Weighed in yesterday, lost 1lb this week. Very pleased with that, as I didnt feel as though I'd lost anything this week. Ive stuck to plan all week, so no reason why i shouldnt have lost (although it is TOTM again! Comes round quick!). I'm just have a blaaaaarrr week, where im feeling like I cant be bothered and i want to eat everything in sight! I havent done though!

My mum weighed in too, she lost 2lbs this week, she has 1lb to go now to her first stone off.

I bought some chippy chips last night on the way home from WW. One portion split between the three children, and i had about 10 myself. Just to see what they taste like - i have craved them a couple of time recently. Im glad I tried them, because i probably wont bother again! I didnt enjoy them at all, and i dont know if it was my imagination, but my jaws ached while i was eating them! Must be all the grease, Ugh, wont bother again!

On the NSV front, I was getting in the bath the other night and caught sight of myself, well to be more precise, of my bare bottom - and for the first time in a hell of a long time, i thought, mmmmm not bad!!

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