Saturday, 3 July 2010


I decided to do my measurements again, to try to cheer myself up! My weight loss seems to have slowed down a little the last few weeks, but im getting loads of comments about how "I've lost weight this week", "look slimmer than ever" etc, so thought maybe i've lost inches - and i have :)

Measurements were taken today (3rd July) and last month (5th June)

Right arm was 15.5 inches now 15 inches loss 1/2 inch
wrist was 7 inches now 63/4 inches! loss 1/4 inch (a lot for a wrist!)
Right calf was 14.5 inches now 14 inches loss 1/2 inch
Boobs was 41 inches now 40.5 inches loss 1/2 inch
under boobs was 38 inches now 35.5 inches loss 2 1/2 inches!!
belly was 44, still 44 inches - no loss
right thigh was 28 inches now 27.5 inches loss 1/2 inch

So total loss in the last month is 4 3/4 inches!

But, compared to when i first measured myself, at 20st 8.5lbs, on 3rd Jan 2009:-
Right arm was 18.5inches - so 3.5 ins down
Under boobs was 43 inches - so 7.5 ins down
Belly was 55 inches - so 11 ins down
Right thigh was 34.5 inches - so 7 ins down!! Wow, cant believe Ive lost as much off my thighs as i have under my boobs!!

Feeling much better now :)

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