Sunday, 6 May 2012

All Change!

I haven't been here for a while, and blogger has all changed, it's confused me!

I haven't done anything about my weight, other than to carry on gaining it :(

I've started to see a counsellor through work, only had my first session, and it was hard to talk about some of the thoughts and feelings I have, but the lady seems really nice and i'm hoping it will help.  She asked me to think about doing things to help me feel better about myself, after I told her I hate myself, so this weekend I dyed my hair!!  Small steps!  I've also stooped going on a pregnancy forum i'm a member of, I was getting so caught up thinking about other peoples problems it wasn't doing me any good, so I figure its best to stay away. I've come off Facebook too, although that is only temporary.  Again, I was spending too much time on there, so i'm going to spend time doing other things, only for a week or so.  It's like going cold turkey on hard drugs though!!  I feel so cut off and isolated from the world!

I've been to a few football matches too, I used to have a season ticket at Bolton but haven't been for years, but we have 3 season tickets now, one is for our nephew and he hasn't been wanting to go so I upgraded it to an adult.  I've been enjoying it, despite the fact it's Bolton and they are almost defo relegated! Am quite looking forward to Championship footy next season!!


  1. Well, good for you starting to make changes, it will get better and easier as you go along.. you are right about the time we spend on facebook or other social media places, its such an addiction that creeps up.. hope you find other things to do and your weight will be less at the end of the week... good luck.. j

  2. Bravo! This is a great new beginning. I think you are courageous having four children and coping with them day to day and working as well. That is an enormous achievement. Women always amaze me - they do amazing things yet they so often don't see it themselves.
    Really happy to hear about the counsellor - she sounds nice.

  3. Sometimes a relegation helps you clear out and start again.
    3 years since Newcastle were relegated. Came straight back up, Consolidated and now one (although unlikely) game away from Champions league

  4. My team (Blackburn) got relegated too!! It's a chance for us to reflect on the past and change what didn't work and put things right. I guess in a way we can apply that to ourselves too.