Sunday, 20 May 2012

No More Excuses!

I have realised that my weight gain all comes down to excuses.

It started with "I don't like the new WW plan".  And from there I must have used every excuse in the book to avoid doing anything for myself, and it all snowballed into me gaining back all the weight and leaving me in a pit of self pity.

Well, no more excuses!!  I am thinking more positively from now on.  It might mean me having a little fight inside my head about almost every decision I make, but the more I think positive thoughts, the more I will get used to doing so and those decisions will become easier and easier.

After my counselling appointment this week, my plan of attack is -
to continue to improve and increase my walking
to weigh and measure myself, and take a before photo
to go for a walk with the boys after I promised them I would last week
to "play" more with the children, especially on the Wii as that gets me moving and we all enjoy it

So, I have weighed myself and updated my ticker.  I was being good from Monday and I weighed myself on Thursday, I was the same weight as last time I weighed and started the new ticker (302 lbs).  I have a before pic (yuck) which I will get around to uploading.  Haven't measured myself yet, will have to get a new tape measure as mine seems to have gone walkies.

Yesterday, myself and my children met up with my exercise buddy and her son to go for a walk.  My right hip was hurting before we set off, so I was convinced I wouldn;t make it very far.  Twice I almost turned back because it was closer than carrying on, but in the end we walked for an hour and 40 minutes.  Was very proud of myself, and we all enjoyed it.

I've been trying to eat healthier too, although I still have a way to go with that.  But twice hubby has come home from the shop with choc and sweets for me and I have refused them.  Why he keeps doing that I don't know.  I dont think he wants me to get skinny again.


  1. Great positive post :)

    I've got a lot of belief in you and it seems like you've got a lot in yourself too!

  2. An hour and forty minutes is a marathon. If you can do that then regular 30 minutes to/from car/shops etc will be a breeze. Go girl!

  3. PMA
    (Positive Mental Attitude)

  4. Hi Gem How are you doing there. I hope everything is ok in your world.