Sunday, 21 March 2010

Great Day!

Ive had such a great day today! We went to Blackpool to go on the Pleasure Beach, I havent been on there in years! A big factor was the fact that i struggled to get in the seats on the rides, if i managed to get through the turnstile in the first place! No such problems today!!!! I sailed through all the turnstiles and had no problems on any rides. Although i had to put the seat belt to maximum on the Pepsi Max Big One - i was so panicking thinking it wasnt going to fit, i'd have been mortified if i'd had to get off! It broke down the first time we were on it! We were just at the 50ft mark, stuck there for about 20 minutes!!

Food wise, we went to Burger King, i had a children's chicken bites meal, which i think works out at 10.5 points (im sure they gave me regular fries instead of small otherwise i'd have said 8 points!). When we got home we called at the chippy for chip barms - except i didnt get one and had a "good for you" ready meal instead!

Birthday tomorrow and ive just seen the cake my friend has made for me on Facebook!! Think i'll be having a very small piece, it looks very calorific! Will put some pics on tomorrow of cake and some taken today too.

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