Friday, 5 March 2010

Silver 7s

I love silver 7s! I worked out tonight that I should now have 11 of them (I lost 4lbs this week taking my total to 80lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!), and when ive counted them up I only have 8! So im going to get 3 silver 7s next week!!

Its been a good week, ive tracked everything I should in the usual way. Dropping down a point this week, thats the only down side of loosing weight!!

Exercise hasnt been up to much this week. Ive hardly been on the Wii, I just dont seem to get time! I have increased my daily steps though! It must've been those that added to my weight loss. I was hoping for 1.5lbs this week so I could say i was in the 16s! As it turns out I am well into the 16's! Im at my lowest weight for about 5 years now i think.

Got a little note through the post this week from my ww leader. Little things like this keep me motivated!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic, you are doing so well!
    Can you send me some of your motivation please? xx