Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny Blackpool!

Ive had a lovely day today. We decided to go to Blackpool for a walk along the front. The weather was stunning, like a summers day (without the heat!!). We stopped for lunch and my choice was a little more sensible today - jacket potato & beans and chicken.

Heres a pic of me with Kieron - think this is the only pic we've had together and he's nearly 4 months :( Ive got loads of pics of him but i need to start getting in a few more with him!

Oooh and other news! One of my targets has been to be able to wear my engagement ring again! I got it on today! Im so chuffed. I had to take it off again after a while as it is just a little too tight! But it went all the way on which it hasnt in ages - a NSV!!


  1. Yay on the NSV! When I first lost some weight I was able to wear my wedding ring and engagement ring together on the same finger..its fab!

    Glad you had a good weekend x

  2. Congrats on the NSV!

    Know what you mean about getting on the shots with your LO... I spend so much time TAKING photos I'm hardly ever ON them, lol!

  3. Yay! That's a great NSV!!!
    Just discovered your blog! I'm really enjoying it - if you get a chance check out mine -