Sunday, 16 May 2010

Climb Every Mountain.. my case, Mt Ironing Pile! I managed to reach the summit today! As i stood there ironing, non stop for 3 hours, i thought back to before I began my weight loss journey. When I had to sit down to iron, with every door and window in the house open to get enough cool air into the room, to try to combat the profuse sweating that would start after 10 minutes or so. I had to have a break every 20 minutes to regain control of my breathing and wipe sweat off my forehead and out of my eyes. It then took me a good hour or so to put everyones clothes away, as I would have to have a 5 minute sit down after each persons clothes. This was without having to climb stairs as I would already be upstairs ironing. And I would have rounded it off by going to bed and sleeping for the rest of the afternoon.

Im glad to say that times have changed. Today I had music blaring while ironing and still had energy after 3 hours to be dancing to the music. I now iron downstairs and have to make at least 6 journeys up and down stairs to take it all up, I didnt need a sit down even after all that!

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