Friday, 21 May 2010

Weight Gain!!

I put a lb on this week!! Im totally not surprised though, I was expecting to after a shock 3.5lbs loss last week! In the big picture though i've still lost 97lbs so these little blips dont matter! Im sticking to the plan and i know that pound will be gone again next week!

I took an old pair of jeans into work today. People were shocked at the size of them (size26/28) and really dont believe that I used to wear them! But i did - and they were getting tight too! Anyway first of all I put them on to show everyone.

Then 2 of the girls, Nicola and Sarah decided to see if they could get in them - and they could - TOGETHER!! Was soooo funny. Another colleague commented that that means i have lost a Nicola!! Which i suppose is almost right in a way!

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  1. PMA
    odd blip now and then is going to happen.
    Its the full journey that counts x