Saturday, 7 August 2010

Better Now!

Urgh I was rough on Thursday night! It came over me so suddenly, i was sat at the WW meeting and stood up to leave and started feeling a little sick. So that was 7.30pm, by 9pm i was being sick, and it carried on all night. Yesterday i was still rough, more tired than anything, and a banging headache. Got through the day on 4 slices of toast with jam on! The only thing i felt safe enough to eat!

If ever i needed a reminder not to get pregnant again, that was it!! I had 7 months of feeling like that while I was pregnant, and i cant believe it became a way of life i got so used to it!

My mum stayed the same this week, but isnt following the plan properly at all! She wasnt eating enough, having about 15 or 16 points per day, when she should be on 21. So this week she cut back even more, she doesnt believe me when i tell her if she eats more she will loose weight!!

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