Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well its been a strange weekend, having only one child at home, I dont know what to do with myself!

Darren and I went out for an Indian last night. I think i chose quiet well, I had shamee kebab starter, and tandoori chicken for main. It was lovely! I also had quiet a lot of wine! A whole bottle with the meal, then we went for a few drinks and i had 4 wines. A lot for me these days, being virtually teetotal! I declined any dessert too, despite them looking sooooo good! But i was full, and unlike the old days i dont eat when im already stuffed. Before WW, i'd have had onion bhajis and poppadoms to start, a chicken korma with a full portion of pilau rice, and probably a dessert too!

Today I have been rough, rough, rough! I threw up during the night, so most of meal came back - i hadnt pointed it but im not sure if i would have needed to as i didnt keep it! (Sorry for way too much info there!) Today, ive had 2 glasses of full fat pepsi, a 500ml strawberry milkshake and toast with jam on to try to combat the hangover! Ive also had a sunday lunch - loads of veg tho and not much meat! Anyway i dont have the energy for pointing today, therefore i've had the whole weekend off tracking, back to it tomorrow, and hoping for damage limitation by Thursday!

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