Thursday, 12 August 2010

It's Thursday!

I have no idea what to expect at weigh in later!

Last Thursday I was ill after WW meeting so Thursday and Friday I was very much drastically under points. I think i had 10 points in total on Friday.

On Sunday we did the Ingleton Waterfalls trail again, which I enjoyed, and didnt find it as difficult as the first time we did it.

Ive had a cough/sore throat/cold since weekend too. The cough has got considerably worse the last 2 days so yesterday I was scoffing cough sweets all day, so havent a clue how they will affect things.

The weather is awful, so despite having been off work for 2 weeks i have done no exercise whatsoever. Im going to have to find something else to do other than walking, but thats not easy with 4 children around who all want to do different things.

Im also well and truly shattered, I haven't been sleeping with the coughing, and Tuesday night only got a little bit of sleep from approx 2.30 til 5.45, up with Kieron. Last night Jake and Kieron took it in turns to be up through the night, Kieron just playing! And Jake being sick, bleurgh!

Will report back later on Weigh In result.

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