Saturday, 28 August 2010

Not Got Much Time...

... but thought i'd nip on while I have a few mins to report this weeks weigh in - I lost half a pound. Very very pleased with that after my excesses last Saturday/Sunday!! I was hoping i'd scrape by with a STS!

My mum has been struggling the last 3 weeks and has stayed the same. I kept trying to advise her, and found that she was having only 15 points ish a day, instead of the 21 she is allowed. So i told her to try 21 points for a week and see what happens, I also gave her a lesson on her WW scales, so she started weighing/tracking last Monday, and come Thursday weigh in - she lost 2.5lbs!! So just goes to show that tracking might be boring and seem like hard work to keep on top of - BUT IT WORKS!! So she finally got past that 1 stone barrier. She goes on holiday in a week though, so no doubt she'll put a little back on, especially all inclusive!!

Im ever so close to my BMI being <30, im nearly overweight! Yay!


  1. Aww, yay for your mum, and for you supporting her through a hard patch.

    Also have a few lbs until my BMI hits the 20s, can't wait!!

  2. You are going great guns Gemma, good luck for that bmi of 30, it's strange how we can look forward to just being overweight isn't it?
    You are looking fabulous in your pictures! x