Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happy 2 Years To Me!!

It is 2 years today since i joined weightwatchers, for the last time!!

I have joined weightwatchers, not to mention slimming world and rosemary conley, many times, in order to battle my weight.

In 2007, leading up to my wedding, in August 2007, I lost 3 stones, going from 21 and 1/2 stones to 18 and 1/2 stones. I felt good on my wedding day, and vowed to continue to go to weightwatchers as soon as the honeymoon was over..... forward to October 2008, 14 months married and I was a mess. I had gone up to my biggest ever weight, and my health was affected. My periods had more or less stopped, i only had 2 cycles in the whole of 2008. I was wearing size 28 clothes and almost bursting out, but i refused to go up to 30. My breathing sounded awful, if i walked across the room, I would be sweating and breathing heavily. People looked worried if i stopped to talk to them, they thought I was about to keel over, I gasping for breath so much. I spent every spare moment I had in bed, sleeping, I didnt have the energy to do anything else.

In September 2008, i went to the hospital about my lack of periods, and was told very bluntly that I needed to lose weight.

One day in October I had to ask my 9 year old daughter to put on my shoes and socks for me. I was mortified, embarressed and disgusted I had let myself get so bog. That day was 2 years ago today. I went to weightwatchers that very night, weighed in at 22 stone 7 lbs (315lbs). I was horrified at having my weight confirmed, but not surprised. I had gained 4 stone in 14 months. Looking back and trying to work out my points im not surprised, I was having around 60 points a day (at least!)

My first week I lost 5lbs, but gained some confidence in myself! By the end of month 1 I had lost 14 lbs. It took a while for the results to start showing in my appearance, but from the inside I was thrilled. By the end of January, I had lost 37lbs (including losing over Christmas and New Year!!) and by body kickstarted back into action with my periods restarting (TMI I know, but its important!). In March, I realised they had stopped again and something didnt feel right! Turns out I was pregnant with baby no 4! I weighed 18 st 11.5lbs when I found out I was pregnant. Panic set in, how could i possibly go through pregnancy without piling on all that weight again, and ending up even heavier?

I spoke to my leader, who informed me I wasnt allowed to do the plan while pregnant. I thought I was scuppered, how could I do it without her support? I stuck to the plan for the next 3 weeks, and then chronic sickness set in. I was sick up to 15 times a day at first, then while on meds it reduced to a more manageable 3/4/5 times a day! Horrible to cope with and it made me miserable, but it resulted in me weighing in at 19 st 1 lb the day before i was to be induced. So only a gain of 3.5lbs, Kieron weighed in at 9lbs 5 oz on 17th November 2009.

I rejoined ww in January 2010, weighing 17 st 13.5lbs! I have stuck to it ever since and my goal is becoming much closer!

So now, I am 132lbs lighter, I am wearing size 14 clothes, I have confidence I havent had for a long time. I can put on my own shoes and socks! I fit in the bath and can shave my legs while in there without feeling Im about to pass out! I have lots of energy, I can play with my children. I can fit on a swing and swing higher than my children (and feel so free while doing it!) Im learning lots about cooking healthier food, and enjoying trying new things. I have my picture taken without cringing or hiding from the camera.

Theres a way for me to go yet, but even 2 years on im more determined than ever to get there and to feel even better than I do now!


  1. Fantastic achievement Gemma, you have done so well. Thank you for putting your story up there so us to read.

    Here's to the next 2 years being healthy and happy xx

  2. I have so much respect for you for achieving everything you've done so far. You might have fell off the horse a few times but you've always got back on and now you're doing amazing.

    It really inspires me to see other people achieve what seems the impossible. It gives us all that extra hope and motivation to make it happen for us.

    A really big well done to you!!

  3. Hi Gemma

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I think you are an inspiration to all WW out there and I hope to see this story in the WW magazine! I have tried every diet under the sun and did lose 70lbs once with WW but I just cant get my head around it at the mo!
    Though having read your blog, you have given me the gee-up to get back on track.
    Cheers Gemma

  4. You look good, girl! I just happened to trip over your blog when being bored at my job, but my gosh, you have changed a lot , basically I can only tell by looking at the pics (since we don't know each other) but you look absolutely gorgeous!
    (I have no clue about how much you actually lost cause I'm from Finland, so the stones and the lbs don't really tell me anything, but i reckon it's alot)

  5. You're an absolute star
    doing fantastic xx