Saturday, 16 October 2010


Went to the children's schools halloween disco last night! We had a great time! I had a bit too great a time and got a little bit tipsy! Its very rare for me though so it made a nice change!

Things is, not only did I have the confidence to get up and dance, I also didnt hide away in a corner all night, as I used to. AND, I also went in fancy dress!! I got loads of comments from people who havent seen me for a while, one woman kept walking past giving me funny looks, I thought she maybe didnt like my halloween costume, turned out she couldnt think if it was really me or not!

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  1. Well done! :)

    I remember doing something similar to that woman years ago. I kept looking at this guy because I thought I went to school with him about 15 years ago. Trust me, even stalkers would have been impressed by me! In the end I went up to him and said "Hey! It's Tim!! Long time no see. How are you Mike?" and he said "Hi Tim, my name is Richard". D'oh!!!