Wednesday, 13 October 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking....

A NSV today :)

I bought a pair of almost knee height boots! This may not seem a big deal, but to me, having so many years morbidly obese I am thrilled. Never have I been able to buy a pair of boots that go anywhere past ankle height, unless i go to "a store for the larger lady". They would never fit over my massive fat calves.

So to try some on and have them fit in a "normal" persons shop is a blinking good feeling. Now i just need to find summat to wear them with.

Incidentally, while talking about boots/feet - I always used to wear size 8 shoes, and they were tight, now im a comfy size 7, so some excellent shrinkage of me feet there!! Lol!

Ooooh ooooh oh and ...... size 16 are now too big for me, but size 14 dont yet fit, so I am now officially a size 15 in clothes :)

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