Thursday, 21 October 2010

Weigh In

Weigh in again! Have had a good week, stuck to plan, not done very much in the way of exercise, not as much as I would like anyway, but i managed to lose half a pound this week (not bad considering ladies issues!! sorry TMI, but it can and does make a difference!!)

So total gone 132 lbs, total left to lose 23lbs!


  1. Half a pound is better off than on! Well done! :)

  2. Hi Gemma
    Well done.
    Can I just say your new photo looks fantastic -you look like a new women.
    Can I just ask how long this has taken you Gemma?
    Well done!

  3. I dont even know you but you are such an inspiration!!!! You have done great from what I see and read! Thank you for putting it out there!!! I will continue to read and pray for your journey!!!

  4. Thank you all for your comments :)

    Tina, i will be updating tomorrow as its a special day - 2 years since i joined, so its taken me 2 years, but i've had a baby along the way too!!