Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oooops, I Did It Again :(

Rarrrr at myself! Yesterday (well last night) i started eating and for some silly reason could not blinkin well stop. I havent tracked it all cos i lost count, but think i may have gone 15-20 points over. I wasnt hungry and knew i shouldnt have been eating it all, but did that stop me, NO!

Im fed up of this, why do I do it to myself.

Feeling better today as we just got back from Ingleton Waterfalls, 4.5 miles walked, plus most of it is up steps and hills, so that should get rid of some of the overeaten points. Plan is to try to have only 18 points a day from now until Weds, and fingers crossed by Thursdays weigh in i'll have eradicated the damage.

1 comment:

  1. Well done for finding a way to put it behind you and refocus. We will always get days when we are a tad naughty but it's how we get back on track which is important.

    Good luck :)