Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 4

Yesterday went well again. I had all 30 points, and once again none of my weekly allowance.

The funeral went ok, it was the strangest funeral though! There were 6 of us there, including the funeral director. We played Will Young, Evergreen as entrance music, then i said a few words, we played Mancunian Way by Take That as Dot was originally from Manchester and moved to Blackpool and theres a line about travelling the mancunian way, before the lights came and took us away - we thought fitting for Dot. Then my mum shared a few of her memories, as Auntie Dot was like a second mum to her, then we said the Lords Prayer and played Vera Lynn, We'll Meet Again. So very personal and touching, i hope we did her proud :)

I'm still of work so I finally went swimming this morning! I did 20 lengths of the 25 metre pool, it took me 25 minutes, and it was non stop. I did have a wobble when i got there and drove around the car park twice thinking "I cant do this". And when i was in the pool i had a brief moment of "everyones looking at the fat girl who obviously hasnt swam in years", but no one did really, its all in my very silly head!

Got a shock in the showers too. All the erm, older, ladies dont appear to have a care in the world, all stripped off and showering together! I kept my eyes to the front and my costume firmly in place :D


  1. Sounds like all those oldies go to my gym! LOL

    Congratulations on the swimming. I know how tough it is to have the courage to get in the pool, especially when the other swimmers probably go regularly. 20 lengths is brilliant. Are you going to go back?

  2. I can't believe I just wrote oldies. If my gran was alive, she'd clip me around the ear! :)

  3. He he, I know, I so wanted to type that too!!

    Im def going back, last day off tomorrow so will go then, and the im going to go every Friday after work :)