Friday, 12 November 2010

Kick Up The Bum....Tick!

Ok, so if anything is going to kick me up the backside and realise what i was doing to myself, its an 11lb gain. Ouch! I knew it was going to be bad and painful but bloody hell that hurt. Especially when the leader made a big deal of rechecking the scales to make sure they were right. Even though i told her i'd been bad and eaten everything in sight. She still seemed to think it was impossible to gain so much in 2 weeks.

Anyway, im raring to go this morning. I am fully armed with my calculator to go shopping and calculate the Propoints values of everything. I cant wait to have a banana or pear or some grapes knowing they're not costing me any points - it used to bug me having to spend 1.5 points on a banana when i could have a WW choc bar instead, lol!

But first, im going swimming! I am off work for a week, so I intend to get some me time in, once i've dropped Kieron off with childcare. The last time I swam was in 2007 on honeymoon, and that was just splashing around in the water really, today i intend to actually swim! Wish me luck!

Ive been awake since 4am planning receipes in my head! This new plan couldnt have come at a better time for me. New focus and something new to get my teeth into. Hopefully those 11lbs will very soon be vamooshed.

Ive also cleaned up the Wii Fit and am going to get reacquainted with it over the coming weeks. Weighed in last night and it is pretty accurate to the WW scales so will give me an idea how im doing over the next week.


  1. Hello! New to your blog and the blogging world in general but I have already started following you. You have come so far and you are such an inspiration! I know the 11 lbs might seem like a setback but it'll come off fast. Rooting for you!

  2. This is a great positive post, especially after the initial blow of yesterdays weigh in which obviously left you disappointed. I think you should be really proud of how you've dealt with it. Well done!