Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day One - Tick!!

I had a good day yesterday. Right back on track and im enjoying it!! Fruit tastes so much better now it has zero points allowance!

The swimming didnt happen, got to the pool and it was closed for school lessons. But, it will happen, I am not back in work now until next Friday so I intend to go at least twice before then, and have also decided im going to start going on my way home from work on a Friday, I finish at lunch time and my mum has Kieron so she wont mind an extra hour with him!

I went shopping, as I unpacked everything I worked out the new points values and put all my little stickers on that we were given in the meeting. I am on 30 points per day and yesterday I had all 30 points, but didnt use any of my weekly points. Had a mini disaster when I dropped our tea all over the floor, but I had already served part of mine up so it just meant the rest of the family had takeaway!!

My friend Helen called round a we decided to go for a "little" walk, and we managed 3 miles, and we both enjoyed it. Am going to attempt some more walking today, although I will have Jake, my 6 year old, and he doesnt like walking much!! While we were walking we discussed my binge eating. It all started with 2 mini mars bars on halloween night, and i think i was chasing that fix again. The one thing i didnt have during my binge was chocolate - but maybe that would have sorted my cravings, mmmm, I dont know!

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