Sunday, 14 November 2010

So Far, So Good!

Day 2 done :) Once again i had all 30 points but none of my weekly allowance.

I went for a walk, but didnt go as far, still earned 2 activity points though. Not sure i'll get out today for a walk as Ihave a mountain of ironing to get through and its my eldest boys 9th birthday so have people coming round after. Need to get balloons and things up before he comes home from his dads, oh and wrap his presents, oops! Also Jake is going to a party this afternoon, its a swimming party though so i might get in with him, that's a bit of activity for me!

Had a sneaky peek at the Wii Fit last night and was 13 st 6lbs, so 4lbs down! Not sure how accurate that is, but its spurred me on anyway!

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