Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 3, In The Bag!

Another good day yesterday. I once again had all 30 points and none of my weekly allowance. I even managed to have a piece of birthday cake, I worked out the propoints for 100g and then weighed a 30g piece out, it worked out at 2 propoints :).

Activity wise, well, I spent an hour ironing! I took Jake to his party at the swimming pool and spent an hour splashing around in there, so probably not really enought to earn any activity points, but at least I was moving around.

Had a few people round for Elliots birthday which involved cakes and crisps, but i didnt have any.

So, still going good. Today is Auntie Dot's funeral, i'm a bit nervous, she didnt want a minister or anything, so its up to one of us to say something. SHe only wanted family at the funeral, so thats me, my mum and my cousin Sharon. My mum will probably be too upset to speak and Sharon hasnt seen her for years and doesnt know her that well, so that leaves me. Im no good at speaking but there'll only be the few of us.


  1. I hope the funeral went well. Also a big well done to you. Over the last few days you've done brilliantly, especially after you wrote about a gain the other day. Keep up the superb work! As for not having any cake or crisps, I wish I had your willpower!!! :)

  2. Thanks Tim, im feeling really good at the moment! I dont know what happened with the binge eating but its certainly helped me back on track! As for willpower, its like im in week one again! ANother few weeks and im sure the odd naughty will start creeping back in!