Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Going Good So Far!

Thank you once again for the encouraging comments following my last post. Im not quiet there yet with my enthusiam, but my will power is kicking in good and strong, so fingers crossed my weight can start going back in the right direction now!

I want to record what I eat each day so I can look back so here goes:
Breakfast = Special K & skimmed milk
Lunch = ww soup & 3 ryvita
Tea/Dinner = chicken fajitas (chicken, peppers, onions, salsa & 2 tortilla wraps)
My daughter gave me a heart shaped lolly for Valentines Day so we shared that between us.

Breakfast - Special k & skimmed milk
Lunch = vegetable soup (tin of) & 4 ryvitas
Tea = one chicken breast, new potatoes & carrots
Snacks = large fruit salad (kept me going in the afternoon at work!), alpen light bar

Breakfast = Same
Lunch = Same as Tuesday
Tea = large portion penne pasta with tuna & light mayo
Snacks = large fruit salad again, packet ww crisps

Ive also been drinking water, lots of it, so getting much more exercise running to the loo all day!! Today ive had 6 large (or what I would call large anyway) glasses.

Had a sneaky weigh in, even though its only been 2 days, and ive already lost 3lbs, so feel like im getting back on track.

Husband doesnt help. Last night he went to the shop and came back with a large bag of Revels, 4 Boosts and some milky way choc bars, and spent a good 5 minutes waving them under my nose. Im glad to say i declined, and felt good about it afterwards! I also really really really wanted some peanut butter on toast (one of my face snacks), but managed to resist!


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  2. Sounds like you are having a great week! Next time your husband does that, just take it and throw it in the bin, then he can't have it either! He won't do it again after that LOL