Monday, 14 February 2011

Oh. Eck!

I went back to work today, my first day back since Barry died. I realise I have put on some weight so went and bought 2 pairs of size 16 trousers on Saturday (bearing in mind size 14 were too big before Christmas).

They dont fit. Eek.

So I went to get weighed at lunchtime today, find out how bad the damage is.

Eeek again, Worse than I thought.

15 st 2lbs.

Eek. Ive put on a stone in the just over 3 weeks since I went to the doctors. Over 2 stone since just before Christmas. Im disgusted at myself.



Thats my line drawn, its done, the damage is there and there's only one thing for it - get back on track. So im going to try to cut out all snacking, as this is my downfall and have 3 healthy meals a day.

Today has been - special K for breakfast, ww soup and 3 ryvita for lunch and we're having chicken fajitas for tea. Im not counting points, im just going to try this approach for a while, and I havent decided if im going back to meetings or not, dont really see the point if im not following their plan, but im not making any decisions just yet.

Happy Valentines Day. We wont be doing anything to celebrate, as usual!!


  1. Hiya Gemma, good to hear from you, hope you're feeling better!
    Well done on drawing the line, as we all know it is so so easy for it to go back on!
    Stay strong and it'll come off in no time xx

  2. The line is officially drawn!

    Remember we're here the whole journey so if you need any help/advice or just someone to listen then we're here for you :)

  3. hey hunni

    hang in there youve been through alot,youl get that off in no time good luck sweetie if you ever need to chat drop me a line x Nicola.

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