Thursday, 17 February 2011

Today's Grub!

Today ive had
Breakfast - same again (going to have something different tomorrow!!)
Lunch - wholemeal roll, lettuce, onion, chicken & some mayo (full fat mayo naughty naughty!)
Tea - Asda Good For You chicken hot pot
Snacks - large banana, alpen light bar

Also need to add an alpen light bar to yesterdays food too.

Havent done as well with the water today, only had 2 or 3 glasses I think, but was so busy at work, as Ive finished today for a week of with the little un! So, as im off for a week, this is when im going to have to really dig deep for my will power, fingers crossed I can avoid too much temptation.

Thanks Tim for the suggestion of what to do with hub's chocolate - I will try that next time! I have to add also that he ate the entire lot to himself, bleurgh! Even on the maddest of mad binges I dont think I could have eaten all that!

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