Saturday, 19 February 2011

Not So Good..

...Yesterday. Saturday nights are officially my weak spot! I need to find myself something to do on a Saturday other than sit in front of the TV eating rubbish.

Breakfast - 2 slices toast with peanut butter and banana (this was really filling and kept me feeling more than full until lunch time)
Lunch - jacket potato and beans and salad (we ate out again!)
Dinner - baguette with lettuce, onion and steak and a little light mayo (this wasnt very good, the steak was cheap and very tough and it just didnt satisfy me, which could have led to me eating too much later)
Snacks - pineapple, grapes, strawberries (fruit salad in the afternoon). This evening it all went a bit wrong and i had a tin of rice pudding (shared it with Kieron, but i had more than half), 2 inches of french bread with margarine and jam, 2 slices of toast with marg and jam and a packet of WW crisps. So it could have been worse!


  1. You ate a lot better than me on Saturday night!

    I know what you mean about sitting in front of the TV and how easy it is to just eat poorly.

    A friend of mine recommended that I cut up fruit into chunks or slices and keep them in the same room as the TV so instead of munching on unhealthy things, at least that way you're munching on good things. I might give it a go and see if it makes a difference.

  2. Just randomly come across your blog and just wanted to say 'Well done you!' Your photos are amazing and I so admire your will power and determination to change your life in this way.
    Never mind the odd slip up - you are succeeding, and no doubt inspiring many other women.

  3. You have done brilliant so far. Kick on and go all the way.

  4. I agree with Sara and Paul. You are succeeding¡¡¡ congratulations¡¡¡ ;-)