Monday, 4 April 2011

Grrrr - Again!

Ive eaten too much over the weekend! I really wish I knew why I do it. Eat and Eat and Eat, even though im not hungry and I know I shouldnt be eating.

Anyway! Back on track from today. I dont think i've eaten over my 49 points allowance, although I didnt track everything I ate so I may have done. But I think as long as I stick within my daily points for the rest of the week, and I hammer my activity points then I should be ok come weigh in time, fingers crossed!

Im going to attempt a fitness DVD this morning. I havent done it for years (in fact, the last time I did it, it was on a video rather than DVD, I havent opened it since buying it on DVD!!) Its Rosemary Conley's Fat Attack.


  1. You should do the P90X workouts! But having a wide variety of videos is a must. Even the best ones will get boring after the 20th time. It's a great chance to try bellydancing workouts, basic training workouts, hip hop workouts, and everything in between. Have fun!

  2. Good luck with the DVD! You'll have fun :)

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