Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lovely Weekend!

The sun has shone all weekend and its been lovely! I played outside with the children yesterday afternoon. Wore myself out bouncing around on the trampoline!!

I went to the cinema last night with Olivia and Elliot, we watched Rio, I thought it was really good! It cured me of my Saturday night binge-fests too. I had a Dr Pepper zero, and no food!

Today, Olivia, Elliot and I went to Ingleton Waterfalls and walked the trail. Ive mentioned it before on here, it is a 8km trail around some waterfalls, with some spectacular views, and hundreds of blinking steps!! The weather was gorgeous, although possibly a little bit too hot for climbing all those steps!

A couple of pics!!

Olivia and Elliot sat on "The Money Tree" - which is a fallen tree upon which lots of people have placed money into the bark. I love
this picture!!

This waterfall is called Thornton Force and is the biggest of the falls. We had our picnic overlooking this.

Elliot is halfway up the steepest climb here, climbing to the top of Thornton Force. This part of the trail is
reeeeeeallllllllly hard!!

This is me, as we start the downward descent, and very relieved I was too. I think this could be Beezley Falls in the background.

So we are shattered but feeling good. AND I have survived a WHOLE weekend without binging!

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  1. Wow, looks like you had a great day! The waterfall looks spectacular!