Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stupid Wii Fit!!

Yesterday I went into Bolton (my local town centre), on the bus, for a little walk round. Just as I got there, it came over the radio on the bus that all buses to the town centre had been stopped for the foreseeable future, due to an "incident". It turned out this was a bomb scare, and half the town was cordoned off. So I had a nice surprise walk home (roughly 3.5 miles I think!). Never mind, the thought of racking up activity points kept me going!

I ate really well yesterday, I had toast with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, soup and ryvita for lunch, a huge salad and a WW meal for dinner, and snack wise I had a WW chocolate bar, an apple and after dinner a WW dessert. I ended the day 3 points under my allowance,

Last night I did workout 4 on the ea Active 2 (im really enjoying this!!), and a step class workout too, so about 30 minutes of moderate to high exercise.

I then got on the Wii Fit and had apparently gained 3lbs!!! I have now fallen out with the stupid thing, I dont think I could have gained 3 lbs in 1 day if i'd have gone on the biggest of all binges, so I certainly havent after the day I had yesterday!


  1. So the measurement's off from your bathroom scale. lol. Don't worry about it. My scale at home and the one at the gym never matched up, either. Just have fun on it! : )

  2. I know!! I dont usually take nay notice of any other weigh in than my normal meeting one, but I weighed the day before on the Wii too, so to see 3lbs + was a shock!

  3. That Wii is an evil thing. It called be obese the first time I used it! It needs to learn some manners! LOL