Saturday, 21 January 2012

I Survived..

...a full week at work, with no tears, and didn't feel upset or even close to crying once! Even when people ask "how are you doing?", and give me THAT look of pity, the look guaranteed to bring on tears a few weeks ago, I was fine!

I haven't had any binges, haven't succumbed to the urges and the constant stream of rubbish running through my head. For example, went to the cinema on Weds night. I was feeling hungry still as didn't have a lot for tea. I had to go to the shop to pick up a few bits, and i'm walking round thinking "what should I get". Looked at choccies, popcorn, crisps, sweets. Didn't buy any. Thought I might buy some at the cinema instead. Bought a Sprite Zero at the cinema, no sweets or anything. Even considered buying a huge hot dog, but didn't. Then sat down to the film (The Iron Lady - really enjoyed it), and running through my head was, "I could get a Burger King on the way home", or "a chicken wrap is better value for money than BK". In the end I didn't buy anything (GO me!), and had nothing else to eat that night. But that is an example of what is going through my head, constantly. It's so annoying. One blip and I just know i'll start eating.

But, pat on the back for me, so far I am beating my demons :) It will get easier the more I ignore these little voices.

Actually, I did just have a binge. I ate loads of carrot sticks, lol. Does that count?!

Looking forward to weigh in on Monday, fingers crossed for a good result to keep me going. Hubster has been eating healthier since 1st Jan, and has lost a stone.