Monday, 23 January 2012

Week One Done - Weigh In Result

Weighed in this morning - i've lost 5 lbs in my first week. So am now 21st 3lbs, or 297 lbs.

I know that is a loss.

I know 5lbs is a fairly good sized loss.

I know these things, yet I still feel disappointed. WHY!?? I immediately went through my food diary, trying to pin point things I maybe shouldn't have had. Then I thought about all the things I wanted to eat, and managed not to, and am thinking, "I may as well have had them". All sorts of crazy stupid things running through my head.

Wish someone could wave a wand over me so I could stop thinking!


  1. Rule one...If you lose 2% of Gemma in a week you should be thrilled. Keep up the effort

  2. Bravo that is a great start. It is better to loose weight slowly and consistantly by life style changes than to loose a lot of weight suddenly. Tell those voices in your head that you'll show them that 'slow and sure wins the race'!

  3. That's a fab loss well done, stop being so hard on yourself and remember what an achievement it is! So pleased to see you on the way again Gemma, keep up the hard work xx

  4. sorry just re-read that and didn't mean for it to sound so harsh! Be proud of your loss, it's a fab start x

  5. I'm over the moon for you. That's a fantastic loss :)

    1. Yeah the great job done. you have put off quite good. keep it up
      Damp Away