Monday, 16 January 2012

Look - Up There ^

I've got a new ticker, eek!

It's about time I got cracking again and got some weight off. I weighed myself this morning on the Wii. Am 21 stones and 8 lbs, or 302 lbs, so not great, but not as bad as I thought. I can't let myself get above 315 lbs, which was my start weight last time.

I haven't got a plan of action yet, or meal plan or anything, just going with the flow for a couple of weeks and trying not to buy rubbish to pig out on in the evenings.

I've just had chicken fajitas for dinner, oooof, my mouth is on fire! (I used the whole packet of spices) Don't need anything else today, I wouldn't be able to taste it anyway!


  1. Hey hun, good for you for facing the music on the wii, i'm sure with every step you take those lbs will come off. You've done it before and i'm confident you will be able to do it again! Make sure you have regular meals though, don't want you getting hungry and binge eating (i'm guilty of this!) have plenty of water and treat yourself often, good luck x

  2. You are sounding better every time you post. You've taken the first keep it going.

  3. Good luck Gemma. You've got valuable experience from losing weight the first time. You can do it again, I believe in you!

    P.S - I always use the whole packet of spices when cooking fajitas and I always regret it EVERY SINGLE TIME! LOL

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