Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Long Time No Blog

It's been a while! Not much has changed. I'm still off work but planning to go back on Monday, although I have to see my doc again this week.

I went to the appointment about the weight loss clinic. It was embarresing to say the least. Went to reception and she said to take a seat with the rest of the them. They might as well have got the branding irons out, a group of people sat on chairs (I wasn't the biggest but not far from it), in front of a big sign saying "Adult Weight Loss Clinic", all segregated off from the rest of the waiting area. Then when they came out, they marched us all through the waiting room, therefore through the other waiting patients, into a room together. The plan sounds ok, and very well managed, but all appointments are on a Monday, Tuesday or Weds morning, which is no use for me when i'll be at work.

I've had a crap Xmas and New Year. I smashed my oven door a few days before Xmas, and the oven has been knackered for ages anyway, so need a new one. I cried every day, except Xmas day, from Christmas Eve to New Years Eve. The first Xmas without Barry, and it was emotional, he was always a big part of Christmas Day. On Boxing Day the boiler packed up, so we have no heating or hot water. British Gas have condemned it, we need a new one. Not impressed, so no oven, no heating, no hot water. Grrrreat!

Also, I had a cold 2 weeks before Xmas, then a stomach upset that lasted almost a week, then started with a chest infection on Xmas Eve, which is ongoing. Aaaaand Kieron started being sick at 8.30pm on Xmas Eve and is still not 100% now. It's awful trying to clean up after him with no hot water too!

I told myself, New Year New Start. Got to get back to losing weight. But i'm struggling to feel any different/more positive. I am going to stop with the binge eating though. I've started doing cross stitch again, so it keeps my hands busy in an evening instead of reaching for food. I'm going to weigh myself, but I have a feeling i'll be over the 23 st limit on the Wii :(

Hope everyone has had a better time than me over the festive period! Thanks Tim for your Christmas Wishes, which I have only just seen :)


  1. Sorry you had such a sucky Christmas!
    Perhaps now that everything has happened all at once, things will start improving....all the bad stuff has happened together, the rest of the year will be smooth sailing. And maybe things won't be so bad when you weigh in with the Wii!

  2. It's never nice being ill at Christmas and to have all the rest of the bad luck happen then it would suck for everyone.

    I agree with the above comment though. Now all the bad luck has happened, maybe the good luck will start to follow once everyone is feeling better. A new year might still feel the same as the end of the last year but sometimes it's a good time to restart and set new goals.

  3. BTW, I just found this quote on another blog and thought it sounded pretty cool:

    "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right"

  4. Here are my best wishes for the year ahead Gem - just take it a day at a time :) xxx

  5. Hiya Gemma, good to see you're back blogging. Sorry you've had such a crap time of it over Christmas but it's a new year, a new chance (in agreement with Tim's steal) to make a good go of things. Take one day at a time, give your kids plenty of hugs and make time for yourself doing something positive xx MrsShilts

  6. I really like the idea of cross stitching. You'll end up with something nice to show for your efforts and that's great. So much of what we do (at work or home) just seems to disappear into the void. Its why I started painting I think.

  7. Hi Gemma

    I was just browsing from another blog a few pages along, and I felt I had to post.

    I put on lots of weight with my second child, 13 years ago, but lost 3 stone to 12 st when I gave up booze 7 years ago. I retrained and got a job, and all was ok but My weight crept up though, and then ........I started to slow down, in the way you describe. My asthma got worse, I got anaemia and I was comfort eating all the time. I was dog tired and depressed. Also I got mental confusion, and forgot appointments and could not handle tasks requiring concentration. I work in a school, but I was more tired in the holidays at home than in term time. I went part time - but it got worse. This year was appalling. I quit my job in October (my contract runs till July though). I was tested for thyroid and just about everything else - but it came back negative. (I assume you have also had a full set of bloods done, and you do not have thyroid problems or diabetes - the doctor should have done this before referring you to the clinic - if not he must do it!

    OK - we have had the same boiler for 16 years, and it was not serviced for the last 8 of them. I finally got round to having it checked in February, and it was condemned - but stupidly I reconnected it decided to postpone getting a new one as I had booked a holiday in the USA. In November I finally got it replaced. About a week later my mood began to lift and I started to be able to concentrate, and by Christmas I had cleaned the house from top to bottom. I have great energy - my work has improved - and this is all still ongoing - I get better by the day, and I am losing weight at a rate of 2lb per week just eating sensibly. I firmly believe I was suffering from slow low-level carbon monoxide poisoning. It didn't affect the rest of the family because I am the person who spends most of their time in our small kitchen - and I have asthma anyway.

    So - it could be the boiler failure is a blessing for you - though an expensive one. I hope this helps.

  8. Happy New Year Gem
    2012 going to be our year x