Thursday, 8 January 2009

Official Post Christmas Weigh In

Not long back from weigh in. Have lost 3.5lbs since last official weigh in on 18th December, although only 1lb since weighing in at Boots on NYE.
Not sure what i think about it yet! Obviously its good, but think i was expecting more after having already lost 2.5lbs - even though i know they were different scales, different day, different time etc etc! Still its off - and wont be going back on again!!
On a plus point, i've had lots of comments over the last couple of days with people noticing i have lost weight and saying they can really see it now! Onwards and inwards i say!!
So total weight now lost is 30lbs (2 stone 2lbs). I want to lose 2lbs next week as i'm getting really impatient now for that 10% keyring!! The little shiny silver seven (4th one!), helped tonight though!


  1. 3.5lbs off over Christmas is a MAJOR achievement!!! Think of your journey as a scenic walk instead of a harsh sprint. The destination will be the same just the journey will be more pleasent.

  2. Congratulations!!! And so nice people are beginning to notice :)


  3. Well done on your loss hun and 30lb's is fab!!!!
    Keep up the hard work. xox

  4. 3.5 lbs lost over the holidays is incredible. Good job Gemma. You're rockin' it!