Sunday, 4 January 2009

First Post of 2009!!

Well someone had to have one - and so they did - a picture of me at my biggest, which i have duly uploaded in its full horror for all to see! Ugh, hope no one has bad dreams after seeing it! I am wearing my "weighing in" outfit on this picture - i try to wear the same one every week. On the pic you can see it stretching accross my arms - it doesnt any more! HAHAHA!!

I'm making an effort to do more exercise and have been for two 3.5 mile walks, one on New Years Day and again today. Also went for a shorter walk on Friday - it all adds up.

Back to normal tomorrow, back to work - and the first two days back are going to be hell - very very busy. On the plus side at least i wont be thinking about food all day and should find it very easy to stick to plan!

Official WI on Thursday and i have fingers crossed for a good result. My first targets of 2009 are to get into the 19s and also to get my 10% badge! I aim to do this by end of Jan, which shouldnt be a problem (have i just jinxed myself!!)


  1. Good luck for Thursday hun and well done you for going out walking.

    I'm reaching out for that 10% too! xox

  2. Good Luck for Thursday Gemma..I hope you get the result you want :-)

    Best Wishes Sam x

  3. YOu'll do it! Good luck on Thursday at the WI!

  4. good luck.. Cant wait to get the weight going again too, I like reading about people with similar weights as me.. I started 22.3..Scary!!x