Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Good Weekend

I've been an angel this weekend! Pass me the Mr Sheen for my halo! I have stuck rigidly to my points, I have drank water (which i never normally do when i'm at home!). And, i've exercised!

Yesterday I bought some new "exercise" clothes, a pair of jogging type pants (size 20, but are stretchy so not overly excited!), and a tshirt, also size 20 and verrrrry tight! Hubby likes the look of a certain part of me in it (or 2 certain parts!) So a new target for me is to have them fitting nicely.

I tried the Claire from Steps 5 Step Fat Attack DVD with Helen yesterday. It was good, a bit omplicated to get your hand round in some parts, and i really struggled with the combat section, stood still for most of it looking confuzzled! We had a good laugh - especially at the point i fell on the couch and bounced onto the floor!! Still i got through the whole DVD which was good. I have ordered Rosemary Conleys Fat Attack on DVD as i used to love it when on video. Also today huby and i went for a walk to our "local" Asda and back - a lot of it uphill on the way back! Am not convinced pedometer working properly as it registered only 9000 steps, which is about the same as last weeks walk and i know we went further today!

Hoping to keep this up all week for a good weigh in on Thursday.

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  1. Whoa. I can see your halo shining all the way to California!! Congrats to you for rockin' it this weekend!