Sunday, 11 January 2009

Weekend Round Up

Not a very good weekend on the plan!! On Friday I managed to go over my points by 2, which isnt too bad in the grand scheme of things - easy to pull back the next day.

So Saturday - had my porridge for breakfast. Then went for a walk with the children, hubby and my friend Helen, and clocked up 5km on the pedometer. Very pleased with my little self! Had my usual Saturday lunch of a chicken & stuffing sandwich and a packet of french fries, all pointed and its all going well.

Then, went to Helen's for a girlie watching DVD night, and we decided to get takeaway. I had:-

2 poppadoms with mango chutney
1 medium onion bhaji
1 vegetable samosa
1 chappatti
korma with chicken & lamb (shared - half each)

Also had a fair bit of vodka, but did have diet lemonade!!

So all in all i have pointed the whole day at 50 points - a massive 21lbs over - eek!

So, halo is slightly battered and crumpled - but i will have it back in place and shining brightly by the time weigh in comes around.

Also, i forgot to mention i have bought a pedometer so i can keep an eye on my steps and check that i'm clocking up 10,000 a day - i managed it yesterday with the 5k walk but am a bit worried about just how far 10,000 steps is!! I'm sure it'll soon be second nature!


  1. Hello!
    Your blog is great, I see a lot of myself in what you are saying, especially the chicken and stuffing sandwiches (yummy). Do you think it is worth getting a pedometer as have been thinking about it (& if so which one)as do a really big walk 3 times a week so would i suppose be good to see the actual steps. Thanks Summer x

  2. Hi, thanks! I do recommend a pedometer as it gives you a good idea of how much you are doing. I bought an Omron one, which at £20 isnt cheap, but i've had cheaper ones in the past and not been impressed. xx