Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Sorry, couldnt think of a title - i'm sure one will come to me eventually (once i've finished typing the whole post).

Well the pedometer isnt going too well! I seem to struggle to do more than 6000 steps a day! Still i suppose that is a start and i am trying to be more active now i know i'm recording my steps. Yesterday, i upped my water intake too as i havent been drinking enough water. I did a total of 5424 steps yesterday and i think 4999 of them were going to the toilet and back!! So that must be why drinking water helps lose weight, all those extra steps!!

I've just signed up to the 18st wannabees so thats something else to keep me focused and motivated - hopefully i wont be a wannabee for too long!!

I'm doing well at pulling back my points after the overdose on points i had on Saturday, they should be all pulled back by time WI rolls round (2 days and counting down quickly!)

Had a huge NSV today - my MUM commented that she could see i've lost weight. She is my biggest critic and doesnt normally compliment me so i'm very chuffed that she has noticed!

On another note, off the topic of WW, my 7 year old, Elliot, has been undergoing tests for about a year due to difficult behaviour at school and i was struggling to cope with him too. Well at his final assessment today i was finally told that he has mild autism and ADHD. I'm happy that at last I have an answer, as i've said since he was about 1 that something wasnt right, but i keep bursting into tears about it. I think some of it is relief though that they havent told me i'm a neurotic mum and that he's just naughty! Not sure what the next step is, have to wait for the next appointment.

These things are sent to try us............


  1. Congrats on the pedometer - hope it works!
    Sorry to hear about your son, I'm sure it's a relief to finally know what the problem was. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff on the internet about ADHD and the autism spectrum. I find it's always good to read up on it yourself instead of just blindly taking the word of one doctor or specialist...

  2. Good luck for WI on Thursday!

  3. Firstly Good Luck for weigh in...weeing lots is normally a good sign though ;-)

    My mum is also my biggest critic so I know how you feel! That is excellent that your mum has noticed a loss.

    Lastly I am sorry to hear about your your son, at least you now have some answers and can get the appropriate care/treatment.

    Good Luck with everything xxx