Thursday, 22 January 2009

I Need A New Target!

Well its that time of the week again! This week i lost 4lbs!! Am so happy! I got my 5th silver seven, 36lbs in total, and i am now 19 st 13lbs!
My targets for Jan were:
a) 10%
b) in the 19s
So both are done now! Havent given much thought to my next target weight wise, but i suppose with being a member of the 18st Wannabees my next target would be to get into the 18s! My NSV target is to wear my wedding ring again. I want to be able to do this by Valentines Day, keep trying it on but its not quiet there yet. Also have many more clothes to keep trying to squeeze myself into.
What did i do different this week (the leader always asks!)? I drank loooooaaads of water! I've gone from struggling with half a 500ml bottle to now having 2.5-3 a day. Also exercise! This weekends exercise will be tomorrow night - i'm going to a roller disco, and cannot wait! I'm sure i'll spend most of the night on me bum - good job its padded. Will try to get some photos and put them on.

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  1. NSV's a gogo!

    Well done for achieving your targets! You are a inspiration.