Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pics & My Sunday!

Current pics as of today - 46lbs lost. I also took measurements today, and have lost some inches. My belly has gone from 55 inches when i first measured to 48 inches. I forgot to do my measurements when i started though!
I went for a walk today that there is no chance i would've been able to do 4 months ago! I only just managed it today! It wasnt the distance - i think i only did 7000 steps - its the fact that it was more or less all uphill! Some very steep steps, i had to stop halfway up due to going so dizzy, but i got there in the end!
On the way home we decided to go for a meal out, and as i hadnt had any lunch, i decided to treat myself to fish and chips - mmmm. Anyway, they had no fish so i ended up with jacket potato and chicken! And i'm sure i enjoyed it more than i would fish and chips as i'd have felt so guilty! I didnt finish the meal anyway, and didnt even consider dessert. Good me!

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