Thursday, 5 February 2009


Phew. I am so relieved. I went along to my meeting absolutely dreading it. I dont feel i've had a good week and was this close (...) to not going. I am sooooo glad i did, i lost 3lbs!! Woo! Thats 40lbs in total! Woo Woo!!
So, 2lbs next week (fingers crossed and it'll be 3 stone!)
I want to have lost 50lbs by my 31st birthday in March, 10 lbs to go and i have 6 weigh ins left so it is doable!!
I've bought some Weightwatchers scales so am looking forward to playing with them this weekend and finding out if i've been going wrong anywhere with my points.
Also have a walk planned for Saturday with Helen and the kids, needs to be a good one as i havent had a good walk for a few weeks now.
Back on track (not that i ever went off track it seems!), mentally at least!

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