Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eating Out - Before WW!

Having eaten out twice in the last two days i thought i'd list what i ate now, and what i would've eaten before WWers!

Friday lunch - all you can eat Chinese buffet
Actually Ate:- 1 bowl chicken & sweetcorn soup,
3 small pieces prawn toast
Plate 2 - 1/4 plate boiled rice
pork and peppers (mainly peppers as i picked them out) in black bean sauce, 1 spoonful,
1 spoonful spicy peppered chicken
Dessert 3 cubes jelly, 2 small scoops ice cream

Before WW would have been
1st plate 6-8 pieces prawn toast
3 spring rolls
3-4 spicy chicken wings
2-3 large onion rings
2nd plate - 1/2 plate egg fried rice
3 spoonfuls sweet & sour chicken
3 spoonfuls honey lemon chicken
more prawn toast
Dessert 2 choc chip muffins
3 or 4 banana fritters
lots and lots of cream (and would then have gone back to work and had chocolate as still wouldnt be full)

Yesterday i had lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant
I had 2 pieces garlic bread
penne pasta arrabiata (sp?), (spicy sausage with garlic and chillies in a tomato sauce)
black coffee and 3 mint imperials

Before WWers i would've had:
full portion garlic bread with cheese
lasagne or canneloni, with loads of parmesan cheese (i declined it yesterday!)
a scoopful of mint imperials

So already a huge difference in the food choices i make - and no blinking wonder i got to 22 1/2 stone!


  1. Well done! Isn't it great to see how much progress you've made - even if it doesn't always show on the scales, you know you're being a million times healthier than before!

    Yesterday I ordered a 3-course meal and after the main course asked the waitress if I could replace dessert with a cup of herbal tea... before I'd have eaten the dessert even if I was already full, just because I was paying for it!

  2. Good on you for making the right choices hun! xox