Thursday, 12 February 2009

This Weeks Weigh In

Wow, i cant believe it. I wanted to lose 2lbs this week in order to get my 3 stone mark. Well i blew that out the water and lost a huge 6lbs!! Thats the most i've lost in week since starting! I was asked what i have done this week to have such a good result. All i can say is "i dont know"! I have done exactly what i have done every week. I did feel when i got to the meeting though that i'd had a good week!

Have posted my weight tracker above to show how i've done over the time since i joined WW. 46 lbs now in 15 weeks. Wahey - only 4 lb to my 50lb target before my birthday!


  1. Well done. That's an amazing loss! xox

  2. Wow! Congratulations on an amazing result!

  3. wow! brilliant, that 50lbs is so close! xx