Sunday, 1 February 2009

I Need Motivation!!

I'm struggling this weekend?! All i want to do is eat eat eat and i'm getting strong cravings for chocolate and crisps and lots of them! I havent succumbed, but am going to have to go to bed in a minute (its only 9pm!), or i'm going to start troughing!

A reminder to myself of what i hope to achieve:- i want to wear my wedding/engagement rings again, i want to lose 50lbs by my birthday in March

A reminder of what i have already achieved!
* A loss of 37lbs in 14 weeks, meaning 10% of my start weight gone
* I fit in clothes i didnt just three months ago
* People are starting to pay me compliments and i'm not hiding away as much
* I can climb stairs without feeling the need to pass out at the top
* I can fasten my own shoelaces and put on my own socks, without having to ask my 9 year old to help me
* I can shave my legs without the need to be a contortionist

And a final warning to myself - if i was to put on just 2lbs this week, i will be back in the 20's - something I have vowed to myself i will never be again!

So this week:
Back on plan from tomorrow, stop messing about.
Drink lots of water
Get in some exercise, at least 3 15 minute sessions (as per My Fitness Coach on Wii)

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